Simple Things – Part 2

Small Figurine


Crystal Reindeer

Bud Vase

Souvenir Picture

Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Bavaria

Tiny Original Drawings

Rothenburg ob der Tauber

These are approx. 2×3″

Another Pair of Ceramic Birds

Made by Great-Grandma Stone

Souvenir Painting – Location? Hmm.

Souvenir Poster – Motovun, Croatia

Grandma’s Original Pastels

Grandma’s Pastels

Semi-pro Artist – Chick Roberts – Watercolor

Including an optical illusion. He painted it exactly as it appears in real life, but the bottom two stripes appear to diverge – making the lighthouse appear to bend in the middle, kind of. This was a gift to Grandma & Grandpa because Chick figured they would appreciate the illusion.

Hawai’i Watercolor

YAUP (Yet another unknown painting)

The First Lorraine (as a young girl)

Metal frame with curved glass

“Forest Folk” print, ca. 1935

Another Chick Roberts – Oil this time

Chick taught painting and would take his classes down to a lake in Connecticut for an experience of painting in open air. One year, he just couldn’t bring himself to paint the lake again, so he turned around and painted the path they took to get to the lake.

Souvenir Fabric Art – Egypt

Simple Things – Part 1

There are a number of things at Grandma’s house that are available to be shared with the family. Some things have long been promised, but others are available for anyone who would like to have a memory, something lovely, something useful, or perhaps all three.

Here is a partial view of things. If any of these are of interest, let one of us know.

Elna Sewing Machine

An amazing machine with dozens of program discs that make unique stitching from useful things like special seams to a line of embroidered ducks

The First Lorraine

Laura Lorraine House, my great grandmother.

Grandma’s Original Oils and Pastels

Still Life I
Still Life II
Still Life III
Price’s Row, Alexandria, VA
Still Life IV
Still Life V
Santa Barbara I
Santa Barbara II

Top of the Bookcase

Alabaster triangle bookends, Olson nameplate
Small figurine, wooden box, painted horse
Oil lamp, green jug, plate, vase
Vase (again), kachina doll, carved wooden elephant

Original Oils and Pastels

Semi-pro Artist – Chick Roberts – Oils

Maine Seascape

Other Paintings

Outer Banks

Wall Art

Small Souvenirs


Small Art

Assorted bears
two ceramic birds, glass bud vase
Carved stone figure, pot, doll., plaque, Nauvoo Temple ornament, sunstone
Planter (with Christmas cactus, ceramic bowl
Ceramic bears

On the étagère

Wedgwood vase, needlework, milk glass hand, basket
Votive light, lladro figure, russian pigs, tiny oil painting, very tiny house
Glass paperweight,. small picture, two figures
(back row) two lladro figurines, red enamel vase
(front) egg-shaped case, carves stone apple, stone egg
green vase, Japanese doll
Egyptian scarab, multi-sided glass block, queen Nefertiti
Painted plate
Small paining (Turkey?), two ceramic vases
Metal pitcher
Wailing Wall, Jerusalem

Souvenir Pictures

Things on the wall

Three plate-like things

From the hutch

On top of the hutch

From the office

Postage scale
Carved duck

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I hope this is a voyage of discovery for both author and reader. With any luck, the journey will be a pleasant one.

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